Technology innovation quality excellence

Weiying Machine company well-known for its ability of independent innovation and its owning of independent intellectual property rights. In addition, the company grasps the advanced mold design and development technology and the core manufacturing technology.

  • Our research and development team has accumulated more than ten years of experience in cold-warm-hot precision forging composite precipitation technology and manufacturing, and has grasped the unique mold design development technologies and core manufacturing technologies, including complex shaped precision forging technology of three-dimensional modeling, precision forging gear finishing techniques, gear mold manufacturing technology, mold surface laser hardening technology, high precision conjunction gear positioning fixtures, and plastic forming reverse compensation and correction technology. The molds made by company have a precision and quality which are in the leading position at home and are advanced in the world. Homemade mold products fully meet the technical requirements of precision forging, and have been highly recognized and praised by the domestic first-class automotive manufacturer and their Powertrain supplier.

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